A new bed…..For me? Oh you shouldn’t have.

I love it how Diesel is so very nosey, he has to be apart of EVERYTHING we do in this house. Often parents of pre-school aged children say “I can’t even go to the toilet alone” and Diesel is no different to a pre-school child. He is so inquisitive and this week-end was no different. Briley’s new bunk arrived and it took all day, yes honestly ALL day to put together. I know what you’re thinking, “useless female” but no, I had my father helping me (ok maybe I was helping him) and it still took the greater part of the whole day. That is including the time to drive Briley to the regular, Saturday Birthday party drop off. First I had to take down the two beds already in her room, that was not hard, nothing a little alan key couldn’t do. Once they were down I moved everything out and stacked it in the hall way. Oh I forgot to mention that before all that could be done I had to disrupt Diesel who was happily sleeping on the bed.

Was Diesel was a big help? :-/ hmm I’m undecided

Beds out and mattresses stacked neatly in the hallway……..Check

Read instructions…….Check

Supervise, ah the drawers are coming along nicely


And supervise. Looking good……..Nearly there but the floor could do with a vacuum!

Final checks and adjustments……Check.

Finished, now for the mattress and duvet please

Toys, duvet, pillows and floor vacuumed. Done – Great job everyone

Now I really do think Diesel has the best spot in the house.

DVD and Chips? Don’t mind if I do.

It is a widely known fact that most cats hate the rain and cold weather, and today here in Queenstown we are lucky enough to have both. As I walked Briley to the school bus this morning I couldn’t help but feel the difference in the wind. As soon as we get a little snow on those magnificent mountains that surround us the wind just has that winter feel about it, I can imagine hot open fires, mulled wine and puffer jackets. I like winter, I like open fires and mulled wine but I am not a big fan of the puffer jacket yet I always find myself wearing one. I’m short and to be honest they make a not so slim, short person look even shorter and even well, puffier. Today is a good day for spending time inside and for me, the mother of two children that means cleaning, I know I am just bursting with excitement too but its got to be done.

Whats a mothers best friend while they are just needing to get a little house work done? T.V, okay yes for some I just swore but for me it is a necessary evil, I just got sky and what a blessing having the Disney Junior Channel has been…… I also have a nice little collection of DVD’s to put on for Ty when I really need him to, um, just sit still so I can vacuum, mop and generally just clean. The movie Cars is a bit of a favourite you might say so today I busted it out and wow I was on a roll, burning up a sweat even but then I noticed Diesel and Ty and they just looked so cute together.

They were strategically sitting at each end of the couch and by strategic I mean, Diesel strategically sat as far away from Ty as possible. Ty never sits still he has to be moving his legs and wriggling on his seat constantly, I think the saying “he’s got ants in his pants” was written for busy little boys like him. Diesel has no intention of going outside today, in fact I just caught him half an hour ago using the litter tray inside rather than going outside.

Is Diesel watching the movie? No but he loves company so I am pretty sure he is taking advantage of Ty while he sits relatively still because Diesel is getting the occasional pat. Or is it the snacks??

Diesel thinks they are going to share the snacks but I don’t really want Diesel eating off the same plate as Ty, even though it looks cute.

He likes the smell but does he like the taste?

Yup he grab that chip quickly, I guess he still thought even though it was for him that he was stealing. Diesel has sat on the couch this entire time, that’s all through the cleaning and then now through all of my writing. With the school holidays over it is awesome that Ty has Diesel to hang out with while Briley is at school, even if it is to just simply watch a DVD together.

Autumn is Here

Autumn is here and I love the look of the trees in Autumn. We went to the Arrowtown Autumn Festival on the week-end – Just Beautiful! It is always great to get out for a popular community event like the Autumn Festival with its parade, craft stalls and amazing ice cream……..I waited in the Patagonia line for what seemed like half a day for my coffee but it was yum so it was well worth the wait. The kids loved watching the parade and running through the yellow and brown leaves listening to them crunch and crackle under their feet.

Okay so obviously Diesel didn’t get to come with us to the Festival but the Autumn Festival is not the only thing that makes me know Winter is coming………It’s the cats, Diesel, Tiger-Lilly and Shadow have always all wanted outside at night about 9pm. But no they don’t all want outside at the same time that’s not a cats style, I have to get up three times. Last night however was different – None of them wanted to go outside, yes they went to the door, individually, I opened it and they all poked their head out but they decided not to go outside, I can only assume that the feel of the slightly cooler breeze was what swayed their decision (that and I really must get rid of the litter tray, it’s too convenient)

That was when I got a little insight into what is they do outside because they played. I got a cute little cat tunnel ages ago and its been in the hall way, Diesel used to hide in it when he first moved in to get away from the kids and the other cats. Tonight however he used it to play with the other cats. They ALL ran in and out of it and Tiger-Lilly is not little I never thought I would see her run, well except to her food bowl. They seemed to have some sort of organised game, there was structure – First Diesel went in tapped the hanging ball, the ball flicked out Shadow leaped on it gave Diesel a fright he ran out the other end to Tiger-Lilly who then got frisky and ran through the tunnel.

These cats have just been lumped together in this house and I never would have thought they would get on so well, I hoped they would just tolerate Diesel but they have embraced him. This is not normal behavior for cats, if clients asked in the past I have always told them cats do better alone or with a friend they met as a kitten – I was wrong, there are no rules each cat is different and I think these guys would hate to live alone.

I am quietly looking forward to winter, I look forward to more nights wasted just watching these three play and just quietly I also enjoy them keeping me warm at night too.

Family Holiday? Without me?!

All of us know that organising a holiday can be stressful, by the time I get in the car I am quite simply exhausted. I have a five-year old daughter and this was her first school holiday break so naturally I wanted to bundle the kids up and get away from home. Diesel was however blissfully unaware of any plans or ideas we had to leave him and our other beautiful pets behind. And just quietly I don’t think he was impressed with the packing, he was already a little peeved with life because of the unfortunate bite wound, shave and twice daily antibiotics. So when he noticed us packing he looked like he felt um, left out and Diesel hates to feel left out!

Oh and Diesel is already slightly unimpressed with a few new house guests we have at the moment. My brother’s labrador Jessie un-expectantly had puppies, okay the puppies were expected but only because we took her to see Geoff one week before she had them, it was however the pregnancy its self that was unexpected. They are living at our house because I am home during the day to care for both Mum and puppies, they are now three weeks old and I am still unsure who or what the Dad is although my Bulldog Austin is the likely culprit.

So back to planning a holiday. Our holiday? Sorted, I have an Aunty and Uncle in Invercargill they own, wait for it……..Here comes a plug – Hawthorne Gardens, a beautiful wedding venue. There is nothing like an Easter Hunt for the kids in a beautiful garden. When us pet owners go away there are so many options for pet care to choose from……I have decided on home base care which means I have organised my brother to move in to my place to look after Everyone, easy all boxes ticked everyone happy. I’ve never liked the idea of someone just calling in to feed my cats – how do they know if Diesel is really eating his food, criky any random cat could go in the catdoor and eat his food. Cattery? Yes I like them but Diesel has just moved in here and I didn’t want to take him back to the clinic to stay. I would hate for him to think we weren’t coming back for him and I would hate for him to have to go through the whole adjustment phase again once he got back here.

All in all I think we were sorted, we disappeared for the holidays and we had a great time but it was nice to get back home. What was even cooler was the welcome we got from Diesel when we pulled up in the driveway.

Diesel leaped into the car – I LOVE THIS CAT! Honestly I am a dog person but he makes me question my loyalty to dogs. With this cat our family gets all the benefits of a dog personality without the walking, without the poo collecting off the lawn and without the drooling or watching you eat habits of a dog. Um…..no, I think I am still a dog person, I love my dogs.

He just really is a Remarkable Cat and not just because he is from Remarkable Vets.

I’m wounded……..But you should’ve seen the other guy

I didn’t see Diesel much yesterday, I should have known there was something wrong but I just thought he was hiding to get away from a certain hypo little boy. After tucking Briley into bed I gave Diesel a quick passing pat as I walked out of the room, instead of giving me his signature meow and swipe, he tried to stand and ouch that’s when I saw his leg. His leg was swollen, clearly Diesel has been trying his luck at being the big boy about town but it is obvious that he is perhaps not the staunch cat he once was.

I examined the leg, well looked at it as best I could in between fending off Diesel trying to bite me. I could understand his reaction, it was swollen and I could not find a wound but I could only assume it was a cat bite injury. So I defrosted him a Maranui Beef and Game ring and carried him to his food bowl, he picked at it then limped towards the door and no I was not letting him out tonight. I guess he had to settle for the litter tray and I had to settle with cleaning it. Leaving neither of us impressed.

He looked annoyed at me, right? But you know what, I know best and if he had just let me look at it, I wouldn’t have needed to put him in that cage and take him back to Remarkable Vets which I’m pretty sure his was also unimpressed about. Fiona and I clipped up his leg to find a bite wound he was lucky, it hadn’t formed and abscess so after a quick anti-inflammatory injection and a course of antibiotics we were back in the car and on our way home in thirty minutes. Okay, okay it doesn’t take thirty minutes to clip a cats leg so yes the bulk of the time we were there, I was  chatting over a coffee.

Diesel lapped up the attention all day like any male with Man Flu. He followed me around the yard, limping just enough to remind me he was sore and deserved attention.

He even got attention from Shadow.

Nothing a little sunshine won’t fix.

There is never a dull moment in this cats life. I just wish I knew what he gets up to when he climbs out that window and wonders off on an adventures all on his own. I guess I will just have to settle for imagining it was a really big cat that got the better of him.

Frisky in the Sun.

Diesel looked board, ok maybe he looked more relaxed than board. He was sitting stretched out on the lawn today in the sun. I had hung the washing out but before I had a chance to wind up the line Diesel arrived prancing around the hanging towels and because he was looking so frisky I thought I’d see if he wanted to play. I talked in an earlier post about how when Diesel was a kitten he often bought me items of washing from other neighbours so it seemed only fitting to see if he wanted to play with a pair of Ty’s socks.

He leapt in the air like a kitten, he got such a fright when I threw that sock. He stared up at me slightly annoyed at first then he turned and jumped at the sock again. I threw a peg towards him……

He paused, stalked it then he finally leapt on it and shook it as if it was a frightened field mouse. I’m glad it wasn’t a little mouse I hate it how cats torture their prey rather than just kill them quickly and I could see Diesel role-playing almost pretending the peg was a mouse. But when a cats prey is dead they often lose interest, you know if it’s not wriggling for freedom it is no longer fun and the peg was no longer fun, he needed something new to focus on and play with.

I should have wound up that clothes line while I had the chance, I missed my opportunity while he was playing with the peg but he was having too much fun I started it and I couldn’t spoil it for him now.

Gotcha! And with that the excitement was over, he had concurred the front lawn, shown a sock, a peg and now a towel who is boss. Thats right Diesel you’re the man!

Bedtime Routines

Diesel is never far from the kids side when it is bedtime. We have a routine, some might find that boring but our routines are pretty reliable and they work for us. Dinner, shower, teeth, books then bed. Diesel normally chimes in with a meow or two at the book reading stage.  He loves the attention at this time, the kids never want to go to bed and Diesel seems to know that they will do ANYTHING to get out of going to bed. So there stalling tactics now include rushing over and refusing to go to bed until they have cuddle him and he is lapping it up.

Bring on the bedtime routines!

Shower Time

Book Reading Time

Cuddle Time


It’s Sleep Time

Pause. Watch and smile. Enjoy the moments.

Living a hectic life means sometimes forgetting to pause, reflect and just take pleasure in the simple things. My two children, two dogs and three cats ensure I am kept busy but sometimes I need to pause and just relax, ideally with a hot cup of tea and a fresh scone still warm from the oven or perhaps a wine but only if it’s after 12pm ;-). Which means when those heartwarming moments happen I think it is vital to stop and enjoy them. I stay sane by watching those moments, I give them as much time as I can which is sometime only seconds.

I don’t think I have given these ‘moments’ enough time, but since Diesel has been here I have been watching our beautiful animals more, I have always known they have unique personalities but I never really took the time to stop and smile at their honesty. Tiger-Lilly is a tricky personality to characterise, she is a little crazy at times but she is so cuddly and friendly and she accepted Diesel from day one.

Tiger-Lilly is Gorgeous! There is no denying it, okay she has a little weight issue but hey, who doesn’t. I watched Tiger-Lilly and Diesel play in the sun, it is these moments that I love as a pet owner. I love it how animals put a smile on our faces by just being their honest selves.

Was she flirting?

Hmmm I think she is.

Yes that is definitely what I think a cat looks like when they are flirting. Diesel’s new adventure is clearly all about keeping his two favorite girls Tiger-Lilly and Shadow happy and he has them wrapped around his little finger paw.

Diesel works his Magic.

Cats are solitary creatures, the only ‘cat species’ to live in a pack are lions, we (cat owners) often have more than one cat but is this what they want? Does it make them happy? Well living with two gorgeous females seems to be making Diesel happy.

Shadow joined our family when Ruth from the Queenstown Cat Rescue told me about this beautiful cat that was left behind with her brother. Somehow, someone decided she wasn’t worth keeping, they left, just drove away one day never to return. I said to Ruth that I was interesting in a grey cat and grey she was. She is a little angel, I adore her and slowly Diesel and her are becoming friends.

She played hard to get at the start keeping her distance, she isn’t the kind of cat to jump into situations without thought, she is intelligent. She is loyal, non-cat owners don’t believe that cats can be loyal but they can, you just have to work harder, you have to earn it.

She flat-out refused to acknowledge him at the start………….

Diesel worked his magic, he inched closer and closer. Shadow however looked away giving the illusion she was uninterested. They were behaving like a couple of school kids, you know the old, I’m going to pretend I don’t like you trick. Yet neither of them ever hissed or growled, there wasn’t even the slightest sign of a hair being raised.

BOO! Oh Diesel, perhaps the art of surprise is not the right ‘move’ to use to woo her. Darn it! All that hard work was lost, he blew it. Diesel takes rejection well and their love story continues, how long it will take? Well that remains to be seen.

Valentines Day Photo Shoot 2003

Valentines Day 2003!

This was a photo ‘The Southland Times’ included in an article they were doing promoting Valentines Day. Diesel was only about thirteen weeks old and as you can see from the photo it was before his tail was amputated. He was like a little child actor,hopeful and eager. He worked with the photographer, tilting his head, reaching with his paw and flicking his tail. He was comfortable advertising himself and he loved the attention, this was his first time in the spot light and he loved it.  They were using him because of his ‘heart shaped black patch’ on his side, the title for the article was ‘He wears his heart on the outside’.

Is Diesel settled in here? Does he look happy? I think it is safe to say he is at HOME here.

Okay just now, as I was spell checking and editing this post, Ty dropped his plate of fruit on the floor right beside Diesel. The fruit and plate hit the wooden floor with an echoing bang and Diesel casually stood up to check out what the commotion was, glared unimpressed at Ty before turning twice and relaxing into the exact same position. So yes I think he is sliding back into family life without hesitation and we are all so very happy to have him.