Frisky in the Sun.

Diesel looked board, ok maybe he looked more relaxed than board. He was sitting stretched out on the lawn today in the sun. I had hung the washing out but before I had a chance to wind up the line Diesel arrived prancing around the hanging towels and because he was looking so frisky I thought I’d see if he wanted to play. I talked in an earlier post about how when Diesel was a kitten he often bought me items of washing from other neighbours so it seemed only fitting to see if he wanted to play with a pair of Ty’s socks.

He leapt in the air like a kitten, he got such a fright when I threw that sock. He stared up at me slightly annoyed at first then he turned and jumped at the sock again. I threw a peg towards him……

He paused, stalked it then he finally leapt on it and shook it as if it was a frightened field mouse. I’m glad it wasn’t a little mouse I hate it how cats torture their prey rather than just kill them quickly and I could see Diesel role-playing almost pretending the peg was a mouse. But when a cats prey is dead they often lose interest, you know if it’s not wriggling for freedom it is no longer fun and the peg was no longer fun, he needed something new to focus on and play with.

I should have wound up that clothes line while I had the chance, I missed my opportunity while he was playing with the peg but he was having too much fun I started it and I couldn’t spoil it for him now.

Gotcha! And with that the excitement was over, he had concurred the front lawn, shown a sock, a peg and now a towel who is boss. Thats right Diesel you’re the man!


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