A new bed…..For me? Oh you shouldn’t have.

I love it how Diesel is so very nosey, he has to be apart of EVERYTHING we do in this house. Often parents of pre-school aged children say “I can’t even go to the toilet alone” and Diesel is no different to a pre-school child. He is so inquisitive and this week-end was no different. Briley’s new bunk arrived and it took all day, yes honestly ALL day to put together. I know what you’re thinking, “useless female” but no, I had my father helping me (ok maybe I was helping him) and it still took the greater part of the whole day. That is including the time to drive Briley to the regular, Saturday Birthday party drop off. First I had to take down the two beds already in her room, that was not hard, nothing a little alan key couldn’t do. Once they were down I moved everything out and stacked it in the hall way. Oh I forgot to mention that before all that could be done I had to disrupt Diesel who was happily sleeping on the bed.

Was Diesel was a big help? :-/ hmm I’m undecided

Beds out and mattresses stacked neatly in the hallway……..Check

Read instructions…….Check

Supervise, ah the drawers are coming along nicely


And supervise. Looking good……..Nearly there but the floor could do with a vacuum!

Final checks and adjustments……Check.

Finished, now for the mattress and duvet please

Toys, duvet, pillows and floor vacuumed. Done – Great job everyone

Now I really do think Diesel has the best spot in the house.