About Diesel

Diesel didn’t even have his eyes open when he was bought in to a clinic in Queenstown I was working at, I hand fed him which meant taking him to work with me everyday and feeding him with a syringe every two hours. I took him to live at Remarkable Vets when I moved house in 2005, he wasn’t happy with the move and refused to live at the new house. Rehoming him was never an option, I adored Diesel he has more character than any cat I have ever known, once at Remarkable Vets he fitted in as if he had been there forever.

Instead of my bed to sleep on he had a stand of new fluffy beds that were for sale, he loved the variety of foods to try and Geoff looked the other way when he broke into the odd bag. He welcomed animals and clients to the practise, always happy to get a cuddle, in fact he often insisted on it. Clients knew to look out for him sitting on the fax machine well that was until it broke and we needed a new one, nothing to do with him I’m sure 😉

He got his fame when we filmed the Remarkable Vets T.V series, the editor picked up on his spirit within a day of filming, Diesel the star was born. But now at eight or nine years old he is ready for the easy life, the family life he is ready for the comforts of home.


2 thoughts on “About Diesel

  1. Hi Alicia, stoked to see we are still going to be able to catch up with Diesel’s adventures! But he must be older than eight or nine??? Feel like I’ve known him that long myself!

    • Hi Michelle, I got Diesel in April 2003 so he really is only nine. I only know that exact date because I found my journal which has an entry on the 26/07/03 talking about him getting hit by a car the day before. He just looked older than he was when I originally took him to the Bush Creek Clinic. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog!

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