Autumn is Here

Autumn is here and I love the look of the trees in Autumn. We went to the Arrowtown Autumn Festival on the week-end – Just Beautiful! It is always great to get out for a popular community event like the Autumn Festival with its parade, craft stalls and amazing ice cream……..I waited in the Patagonia line for what seemed like half a day for my coffee but it was yum so it was well worth the wait. The kids loved watching the parade and running through the yellow and brown leaves listening to them crunch and crackle under their feet.

Okay so obviously Diesel didn’t get to come with us to the Festival but the Autumn Festival is not the only thing that makes me know Winter is coming………It’s the cats, Diesel, Tiger-Lilly and Shadow have always all wanted outside at night about 9pm. But no they don’t all want outside at the same time that’s not a cats style, I have to get up three times. Last night however was different – None of them wanted to go outside, yes they went to the door, individually, I opened it and they all poked their head out but they decided not to go outside, I can only assume that the feel of the slightly cooler breeze was what swayed their decision (that and I really must get rid of the litter tray, it’s too convenient)

That was when I got a little insight into what is they do outside because they played. I got a cute little cat tunnel ages ago and its been in the hall way, Diesel used to hide in it when he first moved in to get away from the kids and the other cats. Tonight however he used it to play with the other cats. They ALL ran in and out of it and Tiger-Lilly is not little I never thought I would see her run, well except to her food bowl. They seemed to have some sort of organised game, there was structure – First Diesel went in tapped the hanging ball, the ball flicked out Shadow leaped on it gave Diesel a fright he ran out the other end to Tiger-Lilly who then got frisky and ran through the tunnel.

These cats have just been lumped together in this house and I never would have thought they would get on so well, I hoped they would just tolerate Diesel but they have embraced him. This is not normal behavior for cats, if clients asked in the past I have always told them cats do better alone or with a friend they met as a kitten – I was wrong, there are no rules each cat is different and I think these guys would hate to live alone.

I am quietly looking forward to winter, I look forward to more nights wasted just watching these three play and just quietly I also enjoy them keeping me warm at night too.