Family Holiday? Without me?!

All of us know that organising a holiday can be stressful, by the time I get in the car I am quite simply exhausted. I have a five-year old daughter and this was her first school holiday break so naturally I wanted to bundle the kids up and get away from home. Diesel was however blissfully unaware of any plans or ideas we had to leave him and our other beautiful pets behind. And just quietly I don’t think he was impressed with the packing, he was already a little peeved with life because of the unfortunate bite wound, shave and twice daily antibiotics. So when he noticed us packing he looked like he felt um, left out and Diesel hates to feel left out!

Oh and Diesel is already slightly unimpressed with a few new house guests we have at the moment. My brother’s labrador Jessie un-expectantly had puppies, okay the puppies were expected but only because we took her to see Geoff one week before she had them, it was however the pregnancy its self that was unexpected. They are living at our house because I am home during the day to care for both Mum and puppies, they are now three weeks old and I am still unsure who or what the Dad is although my Bulldog Austin is the likely culprit.

So back to planning a holiday. Our holiday? Sorted, I have an Aunty and Uncle in Invercargill they own, wait for it……..Here comes a plug – Hawthorne Gardens, a beautiful wedding venue. There is nothing like an Easter Hunt for the kids in a beautiful garden. When us pet owners go away there are so many options for pet care to choose from……I have decided on home base care which means I have organised my brother to move in to my place to look after Everyone, easy all boxes ticked everyone happy. I’ve never liked the idea of someone just calling in to feed my cats – how do they know if Diesel is really eating his food, criky any random cat could go in the catdoor and eat his food. Cattery? Yes I like them but Diesel has just moved in here and I didn’t want to take him back to the clinic to stay. I would hate for him to think we weren’t coming back for him and I would hate for him to have to go through the whole adjustment phase again once he got back here.

All in all I think we were sorted, we disappeared for the holidays and we had a great time but it was nice to get back home. What was even cooler was the welcome we got from Diesel when we pulled up in the driveway.

Diesel leaped into the car – I LOVE THIS CAT! Honestly I am a dog person but he makes me question my loyalty to dogs. With this cat our family gets all the benefits of a dog personality without the walking, without the poo collecting off the lawn and without the drooling or watching you eat habits of a dog. Um…, I think I am still a dog person, I love my dogs.

He just really is a Remarkable Cat and not just because he is from Remarkable Vets.


Where can I sleep?

When Diesel was a kitten he adored a little girl who lived across the street, she didn’t have any pets of her own so Diesel and her often hung out together. Diesel has a personality more like a dog than a cat, he is loyal, playful and full of character. He would fetch toys when you threw them for him. He would also steal another neighbor’s washing off his clothes rack, socks seemed to be Diesel’s fetish.

I wasn’t sure how happy Diesel would be with the move to our busy little house, there is never a quiet moment when you are living with a five-year old girl but the real noise comes from my often over excited two-year old son. Diesel has spent his first three days in our home trying to establish a few good sleeping spots, comfortable sleeping spots are vital to any cats relaxed lifestyle. The couch is already occupied by Tiger-Lilly a rather overweight grey and white cat, Tiger-Lilly has no issue with sharing with Diesel, she seems to like other cats and hasn’t even let out the slightest snarl or hiss but Diesel wants a spot of his own.

My bed is not an option Shadow, my beautiful girl from the Queenstown Cat Rescue has made this very clear, she doesn’t mind Diesel but there is no way she is going to share a bed, or a food bowl with him which he learnt this morning after a very clear hiss, sharing a house yes food and bed, no way. Their friendship, even their tolerance of each other may take some time.

Diesel already knew our bulldog Austin before he came to live here because I used to take Austin to work with me everyday so they are fine together but Austin sleeps in my daughter Briley’s room heck he gets on her bed if he can. Anyone who knows bulldogs will know that they can snore with the best of them, making sleeping with them, even just in the same house at times trying but Briley doesn’t seem to notice him even as he heaves himself up onto her bed while she is sleeping. Austin and Diesel get on great but as I said Diesel wants a spot he can call his own.

That leaves him a little limited we only have a three bedroom house so down he goes to the room occupied by the rowdiest member of this family, big call but it has paid off for him, none of the other animals have been game enough to try to sleep with little Ty. I can see a great friendship growing there, Diesel has been around long enough to know how to handle a full on little kid like Ty so I think they are the perfect match.