Can cats look back and remember?

Today I looked in on Diesel sleeping on Briley’s bed, it’s a horrible day outside with the rain pelting down. Diesel has found himself a warm, dry and comfortable spot surrounded by a collection of Briley’s stuffed toys and dolls. I can’t help but imagine they all look like his friends at Remarkable Vets.

We had Laugh the calf, Laugh is no longer a calf but the name stuck, she was given to us by a farmer because she was a twin and her mother couldn’t feed both calves. We have children come to the clinic with their pets everyday keen to bottle fed our nursery pets.

Dora the Goat, I went and rescued Dora’s mother from an industrial bus station, she had a broken leg. Being heavily pregnant and carrying a broken leg still did not make that wild goat an easy catch but I did it, with the help of my husband. She gave birth to a healthy little Dora a day later, Dora was a boy but he was already named Dora because the bus that caused the injury to his mother was an Explorer Bus so he was ‘Dora the explorer’.

Mary and May the donkeys came to us when their family moved to Queenstown and had nowhere to keep them. Instead of re-homing them to a family they didn’t know they gave the girl’s to us. This way they got a great new home at a clinic, getting heaps of attention all day from our clients and visitors but the big bonus for them was they were welcome to visit anytime, which they did.

Millbrook the cat, Milly for short was our other clinic cat. She was bought into us in a cardboard box by a staff member from Millbrook Resort, they found her in a room, they thought she was wild. I opened the box very carefully, I was trying to transfer her into a more sturdy cage, she was wild you know! No, wild she was not, she was a sweet little tabby cat who, just like Diesel had no tail. The combination of her beautiful personality and the fact they she had no tail meant Milly was not going to be looking for a new home, she was home, home was between the blankets and beds in reception.

I know Diesel is happy here at home with us but I can’t help but find myself wondering if he misses that old clinic, his stomping ground to chase mice, rabbits and birds. Does a cat look back and remember,  I’d like to think that he can………..he remembered me.