Friday Night Fun

Yup, it’s Friday whoop whoop! The week-end has begun and for most, the fun has already started. For me that means enjoying a quiet bottle of my new favorite drink……..Rekorderlig’s Strawberry and lime Cider, yum. Diesel however has enjoyed a relaxing Friday afternoon doing what cats do best, nothing. Well he possibly groomed himself and moved around the house following the sun but all in all, he did nothing and I can’t blame him, in fact I am jealous.

A scratch pole, yes a simple wooden structure surrounded with carpet and a dense woven pad, oh and a very enticing hanging ball, is all it takes to entertain Diesel and his new friends for hours. They think this ‘toy’ is there for their pleasure and amusement but little do they know, I really put it there for the sole purpose of protecting my couch from there wickedly sharp claws. Okay it does both jobs, we are all happy, so with cider in hand I watch, I watch as these three ‘friends’ interact and play.

Diesel and Shadow played while Tiger-Lilly watched from the top position, perhaps slightly unimpressed with their rowdy behaviour.

As soon as I got close enough to get a great shot, I interrupted their play, Diesel froze and Shadow backed away out of shot, I found this very frustrating.

Okay play time is over, it’s been a hard day, time to relax.