Drink water from a bowl. Yeah Right.

Most cats hate drinking water from a bowl, it seems below them to be drinking from something that has been sitting there all day. Fresh water is the only option and if I really think about it I don’t blame them, I too enjoy my water fresh, cool and if possible with a slice of lemon. Okay, so a slice of lemon might be going too far if you are a cat but Diesel feels that requesting demanding running water is perfectly reasonable and thinks how dare I deny him, um how dare I deny him, anything.

“Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want” – Joseph Wood Krutch

Diesel jumped on the bench and started sniffing at the faucet. I knew what he wanted and I don’t really want him in the habit of jumping on my bench but in a moment of weakness, as I looked into his adorable eyes, I did it, I did it against my better judgement because now I am sure he is going to demand it everyday. Shadow already jumps up on the bathroom sink while I am brushing my teeth, so maybe I can train Diesel to do the same. It is more acceptable for him to jump on the bathroom bench than the kitchen but I guess if no one is around no one will know, it can be Diesel and I’s little secret………..oh and yours.