DVD and Chips? Don’t mind if I do.

It is a widely known fact that most cats hate the rain and cold weather, and today here in Queenstown we are lucky enough to have both. As I walked Briley to the school bus this morning I couldn’t help but feel the difference in the wind. As soon as we get a little snow on those magnificent mountains that surround us the wind just has that winter feel about it, I can imagine hot open fires, mulled wine and puffer jackets. I like winter, I like open fires and mulled wine but I am not a big fan of the puffer jacket yet I always find myself wearing one. I’m short and to be honest they make a not so slim, short person look even shorter and even well, puffier. Today is a good day for spending time inside and for me, the mother of two children that means cleaning, I know I am just bursting with excitement too but its got to be done.

Whats a mothers best friend while they are just needing to get a little house work done? T.V, okay yes for some I just swore but for me it is a necessary evil, I just got sky and what a blessing having the Disney Junior Channel has been…… I also have a nice little collection of DVD’s to put on for Ty when I really need him to, um, just sit still so I can vacuum, mop and generally just clean. The movie Cars is a bit of a favourite you might say so today I busted it out and wow I was on a roll, burning up a sweat even but then I noticed Diesel and Ty and they just looked so cute together.

They were strategically sitting at each end of the couch and by strategic I mean, Diesel strategically sat as far away from Ty as possible. Ty never sits still he has to be moving his legs and wriggling on his seat constantly, I think the saying “he’s got ants in his pants” was written for busy little boys like him. Diesel has no intention of going outside today, in fact I just caught him half an hour ago using the litter tray inside rather than going outside.

Is Diesel watching the movie? No but he loves company so I am pretty sure he is taking advantage of Ty while he sits relatively still because Diesel is getting the occasional pat. Or is it the snacks??

Diesel thinks they are going to share the snacks but I don’t really want Diesel eating off the same plate as Ty, even though it looks cute.

He likes the smell but does he like the taste?

Yup he grab that chip quickly, I guess he still thought even though it was for him that he was stealing. Diesel has sat on the couch this entire time, that’s all through the cleaning and then now through all of my writing. With the school holidays over it is awesome that Ty has Diesel to hang out with while Briley is at school, even if it is to just simply watch a DVD together.