Litter Tray Antics

Diesel hasn’t ventured outside yet since coming home to live with us . Yes at first he was desperate to get outside but now he seems content inside, the window is open in Ty’s room yet Diesel has not been tempted to explore outside. Instead I have to clean up a mess similar to when he was a kitten, his litter tray is in a corner by the garage door and the litter is getting flicked EVERYWHERE. Now I want Diesel to got outside, in fact I can’t wait for him to show me that he is asking again  “Let me out”.

When a cat injures their tail base there are concerns that they may also receive nerve damage, assessing urinary function is a priority. When Diesel was hit by a car he fractured his tail base, this was both lucky and unlucky. Lucky because the tail base fracture was his only major injury, unlucky because his tail base fracture required both on going monitoring of his urinary function and surgery to amputate his tail which together equals hospital confinement. A cat enjoys nothing more than their freedom, freedom to scratch at the couch, climb a tree, freedom to come and go as they please. Diesel was only about four months old, fit and healthy so the anaesthetic was not a concern but Peter the vet needed to first confirm that Diesel could urinate before he would schedule surgery.

That night I took Diesel home, he didn’t need to be at the clinic because I could nurse him the same at home as I would if he was a patient at the clinic. Good idea, hmm maybe not, it was good to have him home but because we had two cats and I needed to monitor his urination he needed to be confined. Was Diesel happy about this? Not so much, in fact he hated it. He had more space than the average hospital cage but even confinement to my bathroom was not big enough for Diesel, freedom was what he wanted but freedom was not what he received.

I bought a soft new comfy basket, I bought a state of the art scratch pole with hanging toy, I gave him catnip toys and mice to stalk but it was nowhere near as satisfying as climbing out the catdoor to simply bask in the sun. And boy did he make me suffer for it, he ensured his cat litter from his litter tray was spread ALL around the room, the litter was clean, it was the clean pieces that he was trying to use to cover his um, business but it was EVERYWHERE. Another favorite game was to unroll the toilet paper on the hanger and flick it all around the room, I think this feeling is similar to when you buy your child a new toy and they play more with the box than the toy!