Valentines Day Photo Shoot 2003

Valentines Day 2003!

This was a photo ‘The Southland Times’ included in an article they were doing promoting¬†Valentines Day. Diesel was only about thirteen weeks old and as you can see from the photo it was before his tail was amputated. He was like a little child actor,hopeful and eager. He worked with the photographer, tilting his head, reaching with his paw and flicking his tail. He was comfortable advertising himself and he loved the attention, this was his first time in the spot light and he loved it. ¬†They were using him because of his ‘heart shaped black patch’ on his side, the title for the article was ‘He wears his heart on the outside’.

Is Diesel settled in here? Does he look happy? I think it is safe to say he is at HOME here.

Okay just now, as I was spell checking and editing this post, Ty dropped his plate of fruit on the floor right beside Diesel. The fruit and plate hit the wooden floor with an echoing bang and Diesel casually stood up to check out what the commotion was, glared unimpressed at Ty before turning twice and relaxing into the exact same position. So yes I think he is sliding back into family life without hesitation and we are all so very happy to have him.