I’m wounded……..But you should’ve seen the other guy

I didn’t see Diesel much yesterday, I should have known there was something wrong but I just thought he was hiding to get away from a certain hypo little boy. After tucking Briley into bed I gave Diesel a quick passing pat as I walked out of the room, instead of giving me his signature meow and swipe, he tried to stand and ouch that’s when I saw his leg. His leg was swollen, clearly Diesel has been trying his luck at being the big boy about town but it is obvious that he is perhaps not the staunch cat he once was.

I examined the leg, well looked at it as best I could in between fending off Diesel trying to bite me. I could understand his reaction, it was swollen and I could not find a wound but I could only assume it was a cat bite injury. So I defrosted him a Maranui Beef and Game ring and carried him to his food bowl, he picked at it then limped towards the door and no I was not letting him out tonight. I guess he had to settle for the litter tray and I had to settle with cleaning it. Leaving neither of us impressed.

He looked annoyed at me, right? But you know what, I know best and if he had¬†just let me look at it, I wouldn’t have needed to put him in that cage and take him back to Remarkable Vets which I’m pretty sure his was also unimpressed about. Fiona and I clipped up his leg to find a bite wound he was lucky, it hadn’t formed and abscess so after a quick anti-inflammatory injection and a course of antibiotics we were back in the car and on our way home in thirty minutes. Okay, okay it doesn’t take thirty minutes to clip a cats leg so yes the bulk of the time we were there, I was ¬†chatting over a coffee.

Diesel lapped up the attention all day like any male with Man Flu. He followed me around the yard, limping just enough to remind me he was sore and deserved attention.

He even got attention from Shadow.

Nothing a little sunshine won’t fix.

There is never a dull moment in this cats life. I just wish I knew what he gets up to when he climbs out that window and wonders off on an adventures all on his own. I guess I will just have to settle for imagining it was a really big cat that got the better of him.


Let me out!

Lunch. Handbag. Jacket check. hmm kitten and formula……….check.

Getting ready in the mornings to go to work at a veterinary clinic is often a rush, not because I had children to organise when Diesel was a kitten but because I seemed to always have a foster animal at home that needed to be taken back in the morning. I always seemed to “take my work home” I can’t resist cute puppy eyes or the snuggle and purr of a lonely kitten, if someone needed a new home it was always so hard to resist the urge to keep them. Every animal has a unique personality and they all have such amazing characters, which is why I find it so very rewarding to see new bonds and friendships grow right in front of my eyes, as a new and amazing family take home an animal that often so desperately needs it.

Diesel was bundled in and out of my car and taken to work with me everyday for five weeks. I fed him every two hours at first then I was able to push feeds out to fit around my breaks. Veterinary clinics are generally pretty understanding when their staff members take on roles like hand feeding but just like any employer they still don’t want it to interfere with your daily duties, you know the duties you are actually getting paid for.

Diesel drove me insane last night, he desperately wants to go outside. The time frame that I would generally recommend to a client that has moved, to keep their cat inside is, um about one week. That advise is always easy to give but now I wonder how many people can really pull off keeping a normally very active, not to mention strong-willed cat inside! He jumped on my head, he played with the valance on my bed but then he cried, he cried the worst deep long-lasting meow at the sliding door in my room. I feel for him, I understand, I know he loves running around at night but I wasn’t going to let him out in a new environment at that time of night. Call me overbearing but nope sorry Diesel I couldn’t do it, tomorrow when the sun is shining and you hear us while you are outside yes, sure you can go outside to explore your new world.